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Like you, the advisors of Pro Change Solutions entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, experienced professionals with knowledge of management strategies and have experience with how this can be implemented in practice. Together we stream your process to remove bottlenecks! Our advice indicates which efficiency or effectiveness improvement is feasible. We always deliver our concrete and measurable.

Our expertise is:

  • Change Management;
  • Strategic management;
  • Coaching;
  • Module Management;
  • Project management;
  • Process management.

Products under Management and Strategy

Change Management

The purpose of the strategic implementation is for all processes in a company to be as lean as possible. That way, these processes can contribute to achieve a new strategic vision and mission.

The strategic goal of an organization can be the creation of a sourcing key and / or a change management process. To eventually achieve an integral service where the customer comes is best served.

Before we begin implementing a strategy, we first make a (metaphorical) photo of the current strategy to analysis the differences with the desired strategy by using the CAP model (Ist versus Soll). After a carefully done risk analysis, the priorities are formed for the transition process to start the projects that have emerged from a joint plan.

Pro Change Solutions advises companies to develop a strategy and translates it into a project based approach. The new strategy is your strategy based on a joint plan, made up out of your own choices and our advice!


Successful entrepreneurship is exciting and challenging. You are almost always on your own when decisions are being made. The daily issues usually dominate, so there is often little time for your ambitions, problems and questions. Obviously you want to tackle everything. But you mostly don’t have the time to answer questions such as how, when and with whom. If you want to continue to set the right priorities (in private and business), make sure you keep ‘communicating’, 'mirroring' and using 'sounding board'.

Let yourself be inspired once again

Pro Change Solutions inspires you through our practical support and versatile, professional approach. So that you, as an entrepreneur, can focus on what you do best: undertake in your field. We provide the appropriate key to successful business!


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