Executive education

Since April 2012, Pro Change Solutions started with courses and providing executive education in the context of lifelong learning, an upcoming concept. Once can thing of Recertification Units (RU’s) or credits that are mandatory for certain certifications and/or degrees. At Pro Change Solutions we find high quality of the outmost importance.

In addition to the obligations of lifelong learning and/or RU’s, periodic education is of obvious importance to the quality of our services and your personal development. At Pro Change Solutions we have a executive education program that in has a wide range of well characterized in depth training. Our executive education shall contribute to the quality of your service.

Types of executive education

Pro Change Solutions provides executive education in the field of auditing and control for chartered accountants, chartered controllers, operational auditors and other financial professionals. We follow the technical developments closely and deliver executive education that is not confined to just theory. Putting theory in practice is an important part of our executive education. For our individual courses, please refer to our annual program.

Tailor made executive education

In addition to our annual program, we provide tailor made in-house training. We use the knowledge of your organization as a starting point. We provide customized executive education with challenging teachers who have knowledge and experience of your practice.

We provide customized executive education for several hours, specific days and more days per either with or without e-learning. For information or an informal discussion, please feel free to contact us.


Our teachers are professionals with experience and knowledge of the practice where the executive education or course is focusing on. Besides Pro Change Solutions teachers we also use external teachers, including teachers and trainers who are doing courses for VERA-NBA. The quality of the teachers and the courses is high. In addition, we meet all course requirements by the NBA.


Besides the wide range of courses offered, the great diversity of subjects and the high quality, the price is also a good reason to choose a course or executive education by Pro Change Solutions. Our individual courses are offered at competitive prices, as are our in-house trainings. The price is determined based on the duration of the executive education, the course structure and the desired location. We strive for a high value for money.


If you are interested or have any questions please contact us. You can reach us by e-mail through info@prochangesolutions.nl or by calling Edwin Stolk at 0031 6 225 183 60.


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